I'm examining how functional electrical stimulation, combined with iPad-based 
music therapy
impacts the well-being of stroke survivors.

About me

I’ve always wanted to combine my love of music with my passion to help others. So, after completing school, I enrolled in a double degree in Music and Arts, specialising in Performance (Music) and Psychology (Arts). This set me up well when applying for a Masters of Music Therapy (by coursework). I then collaborated with an NGO in Mumbai, creating a Community Music Program which supported children receiving treatment for Cancer. After completing my Masters, I was given the opportunity to work across many different areas, which include oncology, hearing impairment, multiple and profound needs, autism, acute mental health, and neurorehabilitation, across the lifespan. It was my clinical work in neurorehabilitation that lead me to pursue a PhD. I truly believe that music therapy is unique as it provides a holistic approach to recovery.

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I advocate for greater access to music therapy

Music is such an accessible resource in today's world. When we listen to music, we can exercise for longer, we can feel uplifted, and, we can feel more connected to those around us. Music Therapy draws upon the intentional use of music by a Registered Music Therapist, to support people in need. Sessions could be centred around goals related to emotional wellbeing, socialisation, speech development, attention and memory, quality of life and physical rehabilitation.

My vision for music therapy is centred around accessibility. I believe that ALL people should have access to music therapy for the benefit of their wellbeing. In collaboratively developing specialised music therapy programs with various organisations (such as Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Early Intervention Centres, etc), we can work towards a more person-centred approach to healthcare. 

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